We Few

We forget sometimes that war is a young man’s game. Young men full of promise, full of dreams and full of exuberance. And it’s inevitable that given enough training and enough free time young men will revert to their basic natures in-between missions. We Few embraces that philosophy wholeheartedly.

People and missions flash by in a kaleidoscope of color, patterns breaking and reforming as they come in and out of Brokhausen’s war experience. However unsettling, it creates the perfect sense of how fast and furious these men of MACV-SOG were living and how uncertain life could be.

While there is enough “gun and run” for even the hardcore enthusiast, what makes We Few different from the usual war story is the author’s recollections of what happened during down time – when it became necessary to decompress and put all that training toward more entertaining pursuits. When death is knocking at the door, it only makes sense to steal a South Vietnamese general’s halftrack before answering it.

Filled with sharp wit and sly observations about how the military really works, We Few hits on an emotional level. Brokhausen doesn’t burden us with too much technical detail; instead he shares the thoughts of a young man trying to stay alive and burn off the excess adrenaline that battle creates.

Accept We Few for what it is, a story of life in all its manic, splendid, savage glory.

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