Scorpio Versus the One-Eyed Dragon

In the 1950s, as the British were slowly withdrawing from their Malayan colony and Malaysia was struggling to be born in the aftermath, the Chinese communists were trying to fill the void of political power. This struggle became known as the Emergencies, the first one lasting from 1948 – 1960, and the second Emergency from 1970 – 1991.

Chief among the insurgents was a communist operative known only as the “One-eyed Dragon.” The stuff of legend, no one knew who he was or where to find him, but that was about to change.

Enter the Malayan government’s intelligence service, known as the Special Branch, and the officer they called Scorpio. Decorated for gallantry and valor, he stood head and shoulders above the rest as the one to bring the Dragon down.

With exceptional attention to detail Dr. Leong Chee Woh brings the struggle to life, providing even the most intimate details of the operation for the reader to evaluate. Almost academic in its completeness, Dr. Leong describes the methodical planning and gives a good sense of the amount of time it took to place agents and gain the trust of the villagers in the area. Nothing was left to chance. It simply would not do to gain freedom from the British only to lose it to the Chinese communists. Dr. Leong knows his subject well, perhaps because he was in the Special Branch…and perhaps because he is Scorpio.

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