Bosnia: River of Death

When the ice was thick enough the tanks would come. Down from the hills where the Serbs now hid them and across the river, just as before, to destroy what was left of Kupres. And an old SAS buddy calls for help.
“Sergeant Jagger, this is Ron Whiteson from Rhodesia. I’m in Bosnia now, a place called Kupres, and the Brigadier here needs some help. I thought of you right off. I’m in the International Brigade of the Croatian-Bosnian Army. I’ll have to explain all that later, it gets kind of murky.” But there would be no later because by the time Jagger gets to Kupres, Ron is dead. And it just keeps getting murkier: On maneuvers on hill 1572, the International Brigade and the Regular Army are blown to bits, as if the Serbs knew they were coming. The “Colonels” stand around and drink all day. The “International Brigade” is composed of the drugstore general from Canada, Sergeant Tony, who, if he’s really Airborne, Jagger will eat his wings, Nathan, who manages to go out and get himself pinned down by a sniper, E.T., who just wants a dog, and Archie, formerly of the Foreign Legion. And then there’s the girl. Maybe murky isn’t the word for this.
Jagger must sort through the confusion and keep his wits about him if he hopes to cobble together any kind of successful defense. The ice keeps getting thicker every day.
While the plot of Bosnia: River of Death is fiction it captures the confusion of the times felt by the author during her stint with the Bosnia-Croatian Army beginning in 1994. Sibyl MacKenzie, writing under the pen name M. Wilson McReady, knows her subject well. Married to the late Bob MacKenzie, who some will recognize from “Soldier of Fortune” magazine, she traveled the globe in search of adventure and it is this fresh authentic voice that pervades her stories that convinces you that “McReady” had been there and done that.
Enjoy Bosnia: River of Death, pick up Mission Mozambique if you haven’t already, and look for a third in the Andy Jagger series late in the year.

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Comb bound, 257 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches with a color cover.

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