Praire Fire

Prairie Fire is a quick-paced, high action story about two U. S. Army Green Beret Recon Teams sent on secret missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. Safe return was always doubtful. MACV-SOG Recon Teams (RTs) were comprised of two American Green Beret NCOs: a one-zero who acted as the team leader and a one-one, the radio operator. In addition, there were four indigenous people rounding out the team. The „indigs“ came from several backgrounds: Laotian, Chinese, Montagnard, and Cambodian, to name a few. RTs were sent on missions to recon AOs that MACV thought were likely areas for NVA infiltration and troop build up. By monitoring trails and roads, RTs could gather valuable intel on enemy movement and troop strength. MACV liked to keep tabs on the NVA so they could alert infantry units as to probable points of entry into South Vietnam. The Air Force also used the intel to direct B-52 strikes on suspected enemy sanctuaries. Recon Teams were then inserted on BDAs (Bomb Damage Assessments) following the Arc-Light strikes. In some cases RTs were utilized for prisoner snatches and even assassinations. Many of the clandestine missions took place „across the fence“ in Laos which was code-named „Prairie Fire“. Prairie Fire was the first of its kind to be published, that is, a novel based on Special Forces‘ top secret Special Operations during Vietnam. Now revised and re-edited by the author, Prairie Fire still stands the test of time.

Book Specifications:
Comb bound, 265 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches with a color cover.

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Comb Bound – $14.95
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