By John Stryker Meyer
and John Peters

On The Ground
America’s Secret War in Vietnam

John (Tilt) Meyer, along with his coauthor John E. Peters, has put together another collection of raw nerve, edge-of-your-seat stories in On the Ground. The ever-increasing political turmoil changes the scenery in more ways than one as he returns for another tour with MACV-SOG. Tilt’s just as brave as ever, but more philosophical, too. Relationships change, career decisions must be made and all the while the war continues to take its toll both mentally and physically.

Highlighted in this collection are the events of August 23, 1968, the single worst day in Special Forces history. Through numerous interviews, Tilt and Peters recreate the pandemonium, confusion and adrenaline experienced by all those in Da Nang on that fateful night.

Included in this new book are over 30 rare photos from those turbulent times. Look into the eyes of Tilt, the Frenchman, Peters, Sau, and others to live the history of the men of MACV-SOG.

Book Specifications:
Hardback, 286 pages

Hardback – $24.95

Shipping and Handling:
U.S. and Canada orders
– $4.95 for the first book and $2.00 for each addtional book.
International orders – $15.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book.


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