Mission Mozambique

Women pose such a problem for Andy Jagger. First, the good sister talks him into a midnight mission involving a truckload of chickens and a so-called „Commando for Christ,“ and if that weren’t enough, now he’s staring into the bluest eyes he’s ever seen on an idealistic state department employee. And he’s agreeing to save her…husband? All in a day’s work for our Andy. Ex-SAS sergeant, now a wanderer through life, Andy is drawn back to Mozambique to renew an old friendship and lose himself in the bush once again. It certainly beats a series of dead-end security jobs in London. Freedom fighters, greed, and idealistic fervor punctuate McReady’s first novel. Based on McReady’s experiences in Mozambique during the 1980’s, Mission Mozambique is an action-packed novel of intrigue and deception. McReady accurately describes the political unrest and upheaval of the time while spinning a tightly plotted, fast-paced story. Once you begin reading you won’t be able to put it down.

Book Specifications:
Comb bound, 231 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches with a color cover.

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Comb Bound – $14.95
Shipping and Handling:
U.S. and Canada orders
– $4.95 for the first book and $2.00 for each addtional book.
International orders – $15.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book.


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