1 – go to the „File“ menu – from the drop down menu


2 – highlight and left click on „Save as“ – a window should appear. Let’s work from bottom to top and click on


A) „save as type“ – click the arrow on the right hand side of the box and then scroll down until
you find Rich Text Format (.RTF). Highlight and left click to choose this line.
Now move up to the next dialog box,


B) „file name“ – if you want to use the same name on this file that you did on your hard drive, no problem,
or if you want to use a different name or add the word „copy“ to this name, that’s fine, too.
This is where you do that. Click on the white space and type whatever you’ve decided
to call this version of your story. Now, move up again, don’t hit save, and find


C) „save in“ – this pull down box is the box you’ll use to save to your disk.
Notice when you click on the arrow on the right, a whole list of places in your computer comes up.
You are looking for „3 ½ floppy (A:)“ or if you are using a zip disk, „removable disk (D:)“.
Highlight and left click whichever of these you are saving to and now you’re ready to hit save.
Good job! Your story has just been saved to your submission disk