Q: What are E-books?

A: They are really just file formats used on the web to deliver LARGE content files, (Such as Books), over the web in a bandwidth friendly and efficient manner.

Q: How can I read an E-book?

A: Simply! Just decide which format that we offer best fits your needs. Acrobat for .PDF (Portable File Document) files or E-Reader for microsoft formatted E-books.

Step 1.) Once you decide which format you would like to use, download the FREE reader here. Once you download the file, install the reader based on the instructions from the respective site

Adobe Acrobat Reader

MS E-Reader

Step 2.) Decide which book you would like to read, and purchase the version that matches your reader from the web site.

Step. 3) Once you purchase and download the book, open it with the reader you have installed on your computer.

Step 4.) ENJOY!!

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